Rules of use of students e-mail accounts

How to set up College e-mail account?

  • Account is made automatically after your registration.

How login looks like?

  • eg.
  • for Erasmus+ students: ERA- indexnumber eg.

Where to log in to e-mail?

What is my password?

  • Authorization is made by Centralny Serwer Uwierzytelniania (Central Authorization System) and is the same as to the other of College’s platforms. You use one password everywhere:
    • E-Learning
    • USOSWeb
    • E-mail of KPU
  • ATTENTION! If you are successfully logging in to E-Learning and USOSWeb, but fails to log in to e-mail account, you need to reset your password to migrate data to e-mail server. Detailed instruction below.

How to reset password?

  • Password can be reset via website
  • Type your e-mail address there (Erasmus+ students use the address that International Office contacts you) – private address
  • ATTENTION! After password reset, e-mail login will work after 10 minutes. System has to migrate your data to mail server.
  • ATTENTION! E-mail with link to reset password may go to SPAM folder, please report it in your private e-mail box as “this is not a spam”.

Any technical problems should be reported to e-mail:
To help the staff solve the problem quickly, please include in your message following information: index number, name, surname. Please describe your problem as detailed as possible and all the actions that you made to solve the problem.