Review Procedure

The Humanist Publishing House Pigonianum attaches high importance to reliable reviewing of scientific works.

Reviews of papers submitted to the Journal “Studia Pigoniana” are carried out in an anonymous mode – double blind review process.

Scientific papers are submitted for external review to specialists in a given scientific discipline, holding a post-doctoral degree and coming from various academic centres. In justified cases the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal may select reviewers from among persons indicated by the Author. However, the decision on the selection of reviewers is always made by the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.

Appropriate contracts are signed with reviewers, conditioning a high standard of substantive reliability of reviews and introducing an absolute requirement of declaring the reviewer’s lack of conflict of interests with the author. The timing of the review and the amount of remuneration are agreed with the reviewer and usually correspond to the volume of the work being reviewed.

Each review must contain an indication of: the name and surname as well as the degree and title of the reviewer, the full name of the university or scientific institution represented by the reviewer, as well as the date of completion. Each review must also bear the reviewer’s handwritten signature. Each review should also contain a clear declaration that there is no conflict of interest between the reviewer and the author, and an unambiguous conclusion by the reviewer concerning the conditions of acceptance of the article for publication or the reasons for its rejection.