dr Joanna Ziobro-Strzępek

Department of English

Conference interpreter and translator of English and German. She studied English philology at Krosno State College and then completed her studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań along with a two-year course for conference interpreters, including training at the European Parliament, European Commission, and DG Translation in Luxembourg. She obtained her PhD in 2014 (discipline: Linguistics).

Her scientific interests include cognitive processes in simultaneous interpreting, research into the quality of interpretation, various aspects of specialised translation, as well as combining the theory, practice and didactics of interpreting and translation (including empirical research involving translation students and professional conference interpreters and translators).

She conducts classes at the Carpathian State College in Krosno in the field of Interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive interpreting), Translation, including Specialized Translation (technical, scientific), and she is a supervisor and reviewer of undergraduate theses.