dr Ewa Rusek – Publications

Her publications are in the field of linguistics and cultural studies:


  • 2019, Europa oczami tureckich studentów, Tertium, Kraków.
  • Co-editor of Across Borders – Cultural and Linguistic Shifts in the 21th Century, v. 18, series:Text – Meaning – Context, Cracow Studies in English Language, Literature and Culture, Peter Lang, Berlin, 2020


  • 2015, Towards Developing a Communication Style in a Multilingual and Multicultural Classroom, [in] Culture’s Software Communication Styles, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Eds. Dorota Brzozowska, Władysław Chłopicki, pp. 193–206.
  • 2017 Europa a Turcja – perspektywy komunikacji międzykulturowej, [in] Język a komunikacja 39. Eds. Aleksandra Knapik, Aleksandra Misior-Mroczkowska. Piotr Chruszczewski, Władysław Chłopicki, Tertium, Kraków, pp. 189–204.
  • 2017, A Bridge or a Breach – the Prospects of Communication between Europe and Asia over the Bosphorus), [in] Across Borders. The West Looks East 6, Prace naukowo- dydaktyczne PWSZ w Krośnie 71, eds. Alicja Witalisz, Władysław Witalisz, pp. 263–273.
  • 2018, Research Perspectives on English as a Global Language, [in] Across Borders: Cultures in Dialogue, Prace naukowo- dydaktyczne PWSZ w Krośnie 74, eds. Liisi Laineste, Władysław Chłopicki, pp. 131–145
  • 2020, Challenges of Teaching Intercultural Communication to Students of a Different Culture, [in] New Word in Methodology-Conference Papers, ed. M.S. Olegovna , Yekaterinburg, Russia, https://www.elibrary.ru/item.asp?id=43066515,  pp.93-99.