General information

What is Erasmus +?
Erasmus + is a phase of the Erasmus program, allowing foreign mobilities for students and staff. 33 countries in the program allow a wide selection of destinations, from Iceland to Turkey, from Sweden to Portugal. All Europe within reach. Just dare to take advantage.

Studies abroad
Carpathian State College in Krosno is one of the best among the State Higher Vocational Schools in Poland. The College in Krosno has signed over 70 agreements with partner universities from 19 countries. This number puts us in the leading position. Students of almost all fields of study will find something for themselves. However, this is not the end, we are trying to expand our offer and continue to negotiate further agreements with several countries, and reaching an agreement with 80 universities is only a matter of time. Students can go for an exchange for a semester or even the whole year. All you have to do is want. So far, over 200 of our students and a similar number of foreign students have used these opportunities. Recruitments are announced in the news section and on the Facebook profile.

Internship opportunities
Or maybe go on an internship? You can spend your holidays between semesters gaining experience abroad, and who would not want to add this information to your CV in these difficult times for young people? Erasmus + also allows graduates to study placements within a year of leaving school. Such an opportunity can not be missed, especially since you can combine, for example, a stay at a partner university in one of the semesters with summer internships, not necessarily in the same academic year! The only condition is that you do not exceed 12 months of foreign stays throughout the entire education cycle. In the case of graduate traineeships, they must be completed within 12 months of graduation (the competition for graduate applications continues at the same time as for current students). Recruitments are announced in the news section and on the Facebook profile.

Where and if enough money?
The most frequently chosen countries to which our students go are: Spain, Greece and Germany, but of course not all of them. Students are always worried about money. Is the Erasmus + scholarship sufficient to cover all expenses? The answer is yes! The scholarship paid for the internship period or during the academic year has been set by the European Commission and depends on the country – it compensates for the difference in the cost of accommodation and meals. The scholarship granted during the internship is larger than during the studies, and one cannot forget that the employer can also offer additional remuneration.

Erasmus in Krosno
Erasmus + is not only the trips of our students, it is also the arrivals of young people from abroad. Since the beginning of foreign exchange programs, international exchange has grown steadily, currently we have around 40 students each semester. Our university is most often chosen by students from Turkey, Spain, but also from Greece and Portugal, Hungary and Italy. „Trip to Erasmus” is a great adventure for them. It’s a lot of learning, new experiences, fun and visiting new places. This world is open to every Erasmus + student regardless of nationality.

Lectures, classes – Erasmus + for lecturers
Student exchange is not all that Erasmus + has to offer. Every year, our lecturers go to friendly universities conducting lectures and didactic classes as well as familiarizing themselves with the local methodology. However, not only we send academic staff to the world, but also lecturers come to us. English is the basic language of communication in the world, and various accents heard in the speech of foreign lecturers allow a sense of multiculturalism of the world around us. Contact alone is not everything, however, because what would a visit be without passing on knowledge? During the lectures they provide various information and experience. Thanks to this, PWSZ in Krosno was able to organize over 80 trips for lecturers and we hosted over 30 experts from abroad.

Why use the Erasmus + program?
Traveling abroad is a great opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, to train a language and to gain a broader view of the world, in a word everything that students need to set out into adult life. Why not start this journey with Erasmus? Traveling abroad will definitely change your worldview and you will never be the same again. Just ask students who have already been away – everyone will answer that it was worth it.