Literary Corner

Here is our new literary corner. We sincerely hope that it will become a place that will attract all admirerers of literature. If you are eager to write creatively, our corner will be the perfect place to share your achievements. We hope that there will be true enthusiasts among the student community of the Department of English who will want to present their works to a larger audience.

  • A “missing stanza” competition
    3rd year students of our department are pleased to make a small contribution to the newly opened literary corner. In one of their American Literature classes they tried their hand at adding a “missing” stanza to a poem by Nikki Giovanni. The winners’ stanzas are colour coded. Nikki Giovanni (1943 -) Love Some people forget […]
    Czytaj dalej. A “missing stanza” competition
  • Wiersz „Awil Etutu”
    It is with great pleasure that we present to you a poem by one of the students of the Department of English who hides under the pen name “Pagru”. Sports, music and Sumerian culture occupy an important place in his life, but his true passion is poetry. He carefully observes the world, listens to his […]
    Czytaj dalej. Wiersz „Awil Etutu”